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California’s Best Lenders is a small team of specialists in specialists: we know the lenders and the investors who can get you the best rate, the best product, and the quickest closing time around.

When you’re looking at lenders to find the right fit, you’re seeing one bank at a time. We see hundreds, and we’ve seen them come and go: some specialize in first-time purchase, others in VA or FHA, still others in investment property or “hard money”.

Each mortgage lender has strengths and weaknesses based on lending guidelines, Underwriters, and products offered.  No single mortgage lender can possibly be an expert in every type of transaction.

That’s where we come in: California’s Best Lenders is an expert in Wholesale Mortgage Lenders. Based on our expertise, our mission is to match the best lenders to you, our client.

Seriously: Ask Us!

You know those times when you’re looking for an answer and you wish you could just ASK someone? 

Yeah, so do we.

That’s why we make ourselves available to answer the basic questions along with the more advanced about your scenario, credit, debt-to-income, appraisals and so on. No strings attached.

Whether you end up working with us or not, we know that getting you on the path to purchasing or refinancing a home is better for everyone!

Credit issues? We'll give you a clear plan on how to improve your score and (more importantly!) your credit profile

Don't know if your income, or job history will get you a mortgage? Or maybe you're self-employed and wondering what income we can use to qualify. Our California Licensed Loan Officers will give you the actual numbers for your income qualification, rather than the hand-waiving which other lenders call a "pre-qualification".

Want to make some home improvements or access your equity? We can help with that as well.

Ready To Get Started?

Whether you have a purchase in escrow or you’re ready to start your refinance, we’re ready when you are!

Get started with your loan application directly on our website or upload documents through our secure portal with these links.

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