Jumbo Loans

Purchase or refinance, California has plenty of beautiful homes that just can’t be financed within Fannie Mae Conforming loan limits.
The Jumbo process is a bit more tricky than other loans, since specialized investor pools write their own guidelines for Underwriting and lending outside of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac parameters.
With over 30 Jumbo investors, we will match the program that fits with your unique needs, beginning with income and credit analysis.
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How we differentiate…

  • Work with the SAME fully licensed, dedicated Loan Officer from beginning to end.
  • After hours or weekends, we’re available and we pick up the phone!
  • Your Loan Officer will CALL the Seller’s Agent about your purchase offer to get it accepted!
  • Our transparent fees shown up front and explained!
  • HUGE network of the best Wholesale Mortgage Lenders serving the Golden State.

Our staff of REAL people are available during all normal waking hours (typically 8am – 8pm PST), even on weekends!

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