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Work with a dedicated Reverse Mortgage Specialist to find out if a Reverse Mortgage is right for you and your family. A Reverse Mortgage is a big decision and it can be fantastic when your income is fixed, or you’re just tired of making a mortgage payment.

We’re not a call center, and not a website but a real dedicated professionals, and we pride ourselves on Integrity, Transparency, and Attention to Detail.

Use the contact below to meet one of California’s Best Loan Officers today, who will work with you the whole way through the process. Call or contact us today to experience the difference. 

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  • Your Loan Officer will CALL the Seller’s Agent about your purchase offer to get it accepted!
  • Our transparent fees shown up front and explained!
  • HUGE network of the best Wholesale Mortgage Lenders serving the Golden State.

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Chris Clasby

Mortgage Specialist
NMLS#: 1400424

Chris will take the time to understand your goals, and match you with the best program to fit. He’s a baseball fan, a private pilot, and loves classic cars!

Kevin Nichols

Mortgage Specialist
NMLS# 2083099

Kevin takes pride in transparency and communication he and his clients are always on the same page. As a former Division 1 Athlete he loves to stay active!

Maggie Leuenberger

Production Coordinator

Maggie takes care in bringing your mortgage to life! She has traveled the world, loves the beach and reggae music, and is Daisy’s best friend.



Daisy is the Office Mascot and she usually comes in on Tuesdays to distract us! She’s very sweet, and loves getting scratched on her belly, even if you’ve just met her!

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